Auto-Surfing - A way for easy blogging!
I am systematic person (I think!). I always find for possible ways to finish my task more faster than the normal time required. I researched a lot about my interest on the internet and even learn a lot of things that I think would be required to make things easy and more convenient.

Blogging is one of my hobby and actually it is my income generating activity in the internet. Blogging consumes a lot of my time which of course you would agree. Blogging requires surfing other people's blog, which most blogger called "blog hopping" and requires also a lot reading and most of all commenting other blogger's blog post.

Thinking About It

Since I don't usually spend time on blogging, though it's kind of a hobby, I always think of ways to make blogging easy for me. And one of the ways that I thought was auto-surfing.

I believe that auto-surfing is one of the ways for easy blogging since one implied requirement if you are into blogging is more of surfing other blogs. Bloggers are always and must surf and comment on other blogs so that in return their blogs are being visited and commented, too. This is what I call "Reciprocal Benefit" among bloggers.

Research About It

After having thought of this idea, the next step I made was research. I research Google and Yahoo for information regarding auto-surfing. I surfed websites and blogs, read some articles, and download free auto-surfing software. Download Auto-surfing software? Yes, you should also research if there are any software share for free and available for download. I checked and used free auto-surfing software provided on the internet to get the whole idea of what I really wanted.

Recreating It

I was not satisfied with what I have found. Since I also learn some basic skills about programming, I tried to create and recreate my own auto-surfing software. I am not really a professional programmer since I studied programming on my own but I keep on researching the things that I wanted to incorporate in my software.

Take a peek of my Auto-Surfing Software!


irish said...

thanks for the add. ill add you on my site too. :)

Nancy said...

hopping here, Ches..musta atong lugar diha sa Davao? will add your new page here shortly...

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cha said...

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Norm said...

Hello Chester,

Thanks for the visit and please extend my best regards to people in Davao especially in Davao del Sur.. I came from that place taga diha ko before. Happy blogging and see you around..

Belen said...

thanks for the tips about auto- surfing. its a great tips but I'm new beginner to operate a computer. 'nong mag-blog ako 2 mos. ago, yun na rin ako nag-start pumindot ng computer, start sa ON and OFF hehehe. tinuturoan ako unti-unti mga anak ko.ex- link tayo

Jonna Luttrull said...

thanks for stopping by,im glad to see you.

Jerla Oh lalala said...

hi i was here again giving you a hit

Lalaine said...

I'm into auto surfing too..esp. with my new the way, can we change links with my other blog?

SAM said...

Interesting. Would you mind sharing it with us this software? If could, can email me?