Opening of HCM Alumni Inter-batch Basketball Tournament 2009

We have already started our basketball tournament yesterday, April 26, 2009, Sunday at 1pm though the first game began 2 hours late. The opening didn't turn out as we wanted to happen but it was a successful one. It was fun. I was happy seeing alumni coming back to our alma mater, chatting and played basketball, as if they really knew each other so well.

The first game was between batch 2004 (Team Alumni '04)and batch 2007 (Hyper Achievers) and the latter won the game. The second games was only an exhibition game between batch 1984, the sponsoring batch for this activity and the silver jubilarian for this year, and batch 1993. The game was a draw, both teams scored 60 points.

There were 3 professional referees hired by Sir Felix Reconalla. And these referees will be the official referees of every game that will happen. This is to avoid any conflicts of interest in the games to happen.

Starting yesterday through out the rest of the Sundays up to December of this year, a basketball game of the two brackets will be schedule. I hope that you will support your batch team in their schedule games by just cheering them in their games.

We aim to re-establish a good image for our association through basketball and reunite the alumni through a sport.

God Bless and Have a nice day!