Opening of HCM Alumni Inter-batch Basketball Tournament 2009

We have already started our basketball tournament yesterday, April 26, 2009, Sunday at 1pm though the first game began 2 hours late. The opening didn't turn out as we wanted to happen but it was a successful one. It was fun. I was happy seeing alumni coming back to our alma mater, chatting and played basketball, as if they really knew each other so well.

The first game was between batch 2004 (Team Alumni '04)and batch 2007 (Hyper Achievers) and the latter won the game. The second games was only an exhibition game between batch 1984, the sponsoring batch for this activity and the silver jubilarian for this year, and batch 1993. The game was a draw, both teams scored 60 points.

There were 3 professional referees hired by Sir Felix Reconalla. And these referees will be the official referees of every game that will happen. This is to avoid any conflicts of interest in the games to happen.

Starting yesterday through out the rest of the Sundays up to December of this year, a basketball game of the two brackets will be schedule. I hope that you will support your batch team in their schedule games by just cheering them in their games.

We aim to re-establish a good image for our association through basketball and reunite the alumni through a sport.

God Bless and Have a nice day!

God Will Always Love Us

It's amazing and incredible,
But it's as true as it can be
God loves and understands us all
And that means you and me.

His grace is all-sufficient
For both the young and old,
For the lonely and the timid,
For the brash and for the bold.

His love knows no exceptions,
So never feel excluded,
No matter who or what you are
Your name has been included.

No matter what your past has been,
Trust God to understand,
And no matter what your problem is,
Just place it in His hand.

For in all of our unloveliness
This great God loves us still.
He loved us since the world began
And what's more, He always will!

I got this nice poem from an email forwarded to me. Thanks to sender! I hope you like it too. Have a nice day!

Kung Fu Panda's Best Line

Yesterday is a History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift that's why it is called a Present.
If you have not noticed this line in the Kung Fu Panda Movie, it was said by Master Oogway to Po when Po was upset.

These are very inspiring words from the movie. It tells us that what's very important in life is at the moment, what's today. Set aside the past, never problem the future, focus on what's presently happening and be thankful of it.

Set Aside the Past

Yesterday is considered a history already but we should not forget about the past because what we are now is what we were yesterday. We always look back in our past days that's why we set them aside because there's a lot to learn once we review our past.

Never Problem the Future

Yes, we should never problem what will be the future because tomorrow is what we are now. We may have so many wants in life after how many years but remember that what we will become is what we doing today.

Focus on what's Presently Happening

We should do our best at the moment we may never know if we will still wake up by tomorrow. The challenge today is to do what should be done, be thankful and be happy at the moment.

What's more important in life is Not Yesterday, Neither Tomorrow, but TODAY!


Auto-Surfing - A way for easy blogging!
I am systematic person (I think!). I always find for possible ways to finish my task more faster than the normal time required. I researched a lot about my interest on the internet and even learn a lot of things that I think would be required to make things easy and more convenient.

Blogging is one of my hobby and actually it is my income generating activity in the internet. Blogging consumes a lot of my time which of course you would agree. Blogging requires surfing other people's blog, which most blogger called "blog hopping" and requires also a lot reading and most of all commenting other blogger's blog post.

Thinking About It

Since I don't usually spend time on blogging, though it's kind of a hobby, I always think of ways to make blogging easy for me. And one of the ways that I thought was auto-surfing.

I believe that auto-surfing is one of the ways for easy blogging since one implied requirement if you are into blogging is more of surfing other blogs. Bloggers are always and must surf and comment on other blogs so that in return their blogs are being visited and commented, too. This is what I call "Reciprocal Benefit" among bloggers.

Research About It

After having thought of this idea, the next step I made was research. I research Google and Yahoo for information regarding auto-surfing. I surfed websites and blogs, read some articles, and download free auto-surfing software. Download Auto-surfing software? Yes, you should also research if there are any software share for free and available for download. I checked and used free auto-surfing software provided on the internet to get the whole idea of what I really wanted.

Recreating It

I was not satisfied with what I have found. Since I also learn some basic skills about programming, I tried to create and recreate my own auto-surfing software. I am not really a professional programmer since I studied programming on my own but I keep on researching the things that I wanted to incorporate in my software.

Take a peek of my Auto-Surfing Software!

Autosurf Demo

Take a peek of my Auto-Surfing Software!

This is a demo website for my auto-surf software... click here!

If you are interested in this software, comment here!

Thank you!

Passing the Civil Service Examination

Last June 20, 2007, the result for the Career Service Examination - Professional had been posted and surprisingly my name and my sister's name are on the list of the passers. It means that we got a score of 80 and more.

When my father knew that we, my sister and I, passed the exam, he was very happy. He immediately made a big banner congratulating us and placed it outside the house. He then treated us 2 half-gallon Selecta ice cream.

I haven't read yet what it means to pass the exam but I know is that passing the examination would mean that we are now eligible to hold a position, if qualified upon application, in any government agencies and got a chance to being promoted to a higher one.